2018 Celine Made in Tote Bag in Textile

Made of 79% Cotton, 9% Calfskin, 6% Polyurethane and 6% Polyester, the New Made in Tote was introduced in Celine 2018 Fall bag collection. We have this bag replicated in 2 colors available now , the black one and red one. Yes It comes in a leather version as well, but we only have the replica version for Cotton Canvas. If you want to order the calfskin Made in tote, It may take one month waiting. The 2018 Celine Made in Tote can be worn as a shoulder bag or hand carry, inner removable pocket.

As you can see, this bag is huge, bigger than the Celing Big Bag. And there is the logo on the front, also oversized! Since when does Celine create a bag with such a huge logo? It’s the first-time ever, so it’s unique. Love the sign: ‘Celine Paris, Made in Italy’.

This incredible hulk-sized bag is perfect for shopping! What do you think?