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Introducing the Moynat Rejane bag collection in replica Version which includes totes, messengers and clutches in its current line up. The brand Moynat is a french fashion house with a history of creating high quality handmade bags and unique luggage trunks.

Moynat Rejane Saddle Bag

I know many of Moynat bag fans are looking for the latest Moynat Sac Mignon Bag. However,  I introduce another shoulder bag from the classic Moynat Rejane handbag collection today, called as Moynat Rejane Saddle bag.  Well,  it is not a new bag , however, it’s real here in a total new replica version. the latest work of art to join the iconic Réjane bag family for the chic and urban style launched almost one year ago.  As the saddle bag becomes a must have for all fashionista’s now, then the Réjane has to be the must-have of must-haves!

0076-1 0076-2 0076-3 0076-8 0076-9 0076x 28cm,9818小牛皮骆驼色  $438

The Réjane has the clean and pure lines with sensuality, which reminisce the delicate curves of the Moynat trunks; the intricate details and finishing, which requires the highest quality leathers and 20 working hours by the hands of an experienced artisan.

The rounded bijou closure, which is a re-edition of an original Art Deco piece, pays a discrete and refined homage to the influences that have determined the history of Moynat: the city of Paris (the Art Deco period, a promise of the exceptional French savoir-faire) and the theatre world (Gabrielle Réjane, Moynat’s most renowned muse).

Made of the Barenia leather, one of the most precious natural leathers you can find in France. It gains beautiful patina as it ages. Fine scratches can easily be rubbed off with the fingers or sponge.

As one of the most renowned actresses of Belle Epoque and muse to couture houses including Poiret, Gabrielle Réjane became a dedicated fan, inspiring Pauline Moynat to design the first line of women’s handbags at the end of the 19th century, thus pioneering a modern approach to travel for women.

The talented and adventurous actress was well known for being a woman of character, full of charm and humour; gained huge success not only in Paris but also on the stages of London and New York. At the beginning of 20th century, Moynat created the Réjane bag in her honour, which was the first handbag ever to be named after a star of its time.   If you want to know more details about the replica version of this Moynat Rejane Saddle Bag, please email us or just leave a message on this blog.

Moynat Cabotin Bag in Finest Calf leather

You can tell the brand name just looking at the bag they creates. A new doctor bag design was released in replica version. Yes, the authentic bag was created for a while ! but for a replica , it is just born. For starters, its’s abvious that French luxury house Moynat only makes beautiful bags,  Moynat was founded 1849 , earlier than Louis Vuitton. But more importantly, elegant everyday pieces that use only the finest calf leather .

0072x cabotin BOX 小牛皮 $399 0073x cabotin BOX 小牛皮 $399 0074-1 0074-2 0074-3 0074-4 0074-5 0074-6 0074-7 0074-8 0074x

the Moynat Cabotin bag is a structured city bag in satin calfskin leather. Perle calfskin lining. Inspired by the Moynat English Trunk. The bag is also simple, without all those distracting bells and whistles, which in turn forces you to see their creations for what they are, wonderfully structured and uncomplicated, with an enphasis on craftmamship and artistry. 

Les malles et objets de voyage de Moynat n’ont pas besoin d’être vantés : leur qualité incomparable et le sens du détail poussé à l’extrême parlent d’eux mêmes… Quant aux sacs à main, il est très difficile de choisir parmi le choix de modèles et de couleurs au goût du jour.Pour moi, ce sera sans hésitation le sac Cabotin dont la forme est inspirée de la célèbre malle anglaise mais à l’échelle réduite !

if you want to order the exact replica Moynat Cabotin bag, please just fell free to email us.  We are happy to help you out. Carry it hand-held or use the accompanying shoulder sling, this bag will bring you from the tearoom to the boardroom with ease.

The Latest Moynat pauline bag

Just introuced the Moynat Rejane again, it’s my honour to present another beautiful curved sides stylish Pauline bag from Moynat. You may have know Moynat rejane bag, but don’t know Pauline bag. it doesn’t matter. Here I list the photos of the Pauline bag in Taurillon togo leather more than 6 colors.  and The Moynat pauline bag by David hamilton.

0061x 31cm TOGO皮 大象灰 0062-1 0064x 31cm TOGO皮 黑色 0065x 31cm TOGO皮 姜黄色 0067x 31cm TOGO皮 紫罗兰 hamilton_final_0

Admirer of beauty in all its forms and female purity, David Hamilton assures that in fashion, for a photo to be eternal, in this universe where everything is only made for a time, you have to purify out everything that could make the photo dated. And with the Pauline’s timeless silhouette, it’s a walk in the park.

The authentic Moynat Pauline bag is not a new style, it has been around for a while,  and is named after its founder,  Pauline Moynat. However, for a replica version, the Pauline is the newest and latest style, since we just have this Pauline bag replicated.  The bag is released in a new size, 30cm to be exact.  Priced at USD449  and available in limited quantities, it looks adorable in this petite size, a fun day bag that you can carry via its pair of top handles or slung over the shoulder.

Moynat Rejane bag in Box Calf Leather

Last year, I introduced Moynat Rejane bag in Taurillon togo leather, and today, I would like to present the Moynat Rejane bag in box calf leather. The Iconic Rejane bag is a IT bag from Franch Luxury house Moynat, comes in three sizes, mini 20c, Petite 26cm and the classic 30cm. because sometimes big is not always better, and we are carrying this bag for sale in petite size and mini size as well , not only the classic size 30cm.

0068-2 0059x 20cmTOGO牛皮 豆沙粉 0037x $468 26cm 牙签纹box皮 0027x $468 26cm 牙签纹box皮 0056x 20cm 0057x 20cm 牙签纹box皮

An elegantly beautiful yet surprisingly functional handbag, the Petite or mini Rejane will easily make the transition from day to night with you, and more importantly , you can choose the bag in different leather now , and the Box calf leather is better to wear at night .

This elegant bag is named after the famous Belle Epoque actress Gabrielle-Charlotte Reju who was a loyal client of the first Moynat store, which was near the Theatre Francais. This structured bag, which has a patented locking system, is made from box calf leather with a perle calfskin lining and a detachable shoulder strap. If any of you love this finest box leather Moynat Rejane bag, please contact us by email.

Moynat Rejane Bag in Taurillon Gex Leather

Today, I am going to present a beautiful Moynat Rejane bag I have never heard the designer name before we have this bag available in more than 10 colors for replica edition. Moynat, who is a French trunk maker, created the Rejane bag named after the famous Belle Epoque actress Gabrielle-Charlotte Reju who was a loyal client of the first Moynat store. This structured bag, which has a patented locking system, is made from Taurillon Gex leather with a perle calfskin lining and a detachable shoulder strap. Here I would like to metion that the exact replica Moynat Rejane Bag is also made from the finest Taurillon Gex leather.

0001x 30x20.5x14cm 0002x 0003x 0004x 0006x 0007x

Pauline’s first encounter with Réjane proved a revelation. Réjane was the ultimate incarnation of the Parisienne—naturally beautiful and high-spirited. To give a more feminine touch to the handbags the actress carried on stage, Pauline invented her first “handbags for ladies”, which were smaller and lighter. Réjane wore them in her performance in Décoré by Henri Meilhac at the Théatre des Variétés in 1888.

0008x 0009x 0010x

As a sign of her admiration for the world of theatre and Réjane, Pauline designed a handbag in her honor. Her small, ultra-feminine and lightweight creation had an interior lined with deep red suede—a color that evokes Parisian theatres—and featured an array of small pockets like little hiding places. She entrusted the production of the handbag to the Coulembier family. We are now have this replica edition Moynat Rejane Bag in medium size which is about 30×20.5x14cm, and we will have the small petite one in stock in the near future as well.

A century later, Moynat Creative Director Ramesh Nair has revived this mythic handbag. Its pure, exquisitely feminine lines are enhanced by a jewel like clasp—a reproduction of an original Art Deco piece. The Réjane bag is available in luxuriant Taurillon leather in blue, taupe and black. The result, quite naturally, is très chic. If you have any other question about the replica handbags, please free to email , they will reply with with wonderful handbags.