Celine Luggage Boston Tote bag Mini and Nano in Embossed crocodile leather

Several our customers asked me about the replica Celine Luggage tote bag in embossed crocodile leather. I have searched all the factories which make replica celine bags in China and haven’t found the exact embossed crocodile Luggage tote until now.  However, today, I create this post to inform all of our great buyers that we finally got the exact mirror crocodile embossed Celine replica Luggage boston bag in mini and nano size! and Here I cannot wait to show you the pictures of the great bags in shinny croc-embossed leather.

1861-1 1861-8

Here you can see that I put a piece of real crocodile leather to compare the embossed crocodile leather. Well, Since it is difficult to make the embossed crocodile leather looks vivid, lifelike. the factory bought a full piece of genuine crocodile leather to copy.

1861x 1862-5 1862x 1863x


now this exact bag is available in black and red, two sizes mini and nano.  it is a wise investment to this crocodile embossed bag for the customers who love the luggage tote bag. Instead of the crocodile, we are also happy to introduce some of the real snakeskin replica Celine luggage tote here.

1836-11 1842x C30  $598

The utmost in quality and style.Celine crafts feminine pieces you’ll cherish for a lifetime. All of the crocodile-embossed and real snakerskin Celine luggage tote features soft calf leather. Double top handles. Zip closure with leather pull. Logo on front. External zip pocket. Goldtone hardware. Interior zipper, cell phone and slip pocket. if you still have any question about the exotic 2014 Celine luggage tote bags, please email to iofferreplica@hotmail.com

Saint Laurent Classic Duffle in mini or baby size for 2014 Summer

For summer, girls tend to carry the bright color bags, such as bold pink, or bright yellow. Here I would like to introduce about the Saint Laurent mini or baby Classic Duffle bag in shiny green and electric blue color. Those two colors are perfect for Summer day as well whenever you carry them on the beach or beside pool. The most important thing is that we are carrying this mini classic duffle bag in replica edition now , which is much cheaper than the authentics. Below I attached the pictures, for more other detailed pictures, please email to iofferreplica@hotmail.com .

1323-7 1323x $345 1324-7 1324x


Let’s review the history about this classic duffle bag. The classic Saint Laurent duffle bag was first introduced in 2012 handbags’ collection. When hedi Slimane is the new creative director for the house formerly known as Yves Saine Laurent, the first thing he decided to do was to remove the iconic “Yves” in Yves Saint Laurent. his signature minimalism is apparent in his newest collection of bags, such as this classic duffle, which will try to rival the very popular lugggages.  the classic duffle bag comes in three sizes, large, medium and mini, or baby . and we are now carrying this replica Saint Laurent classic Duffle bag online two sizes, the mini one and the medium one.

The two new color classic duffle bag was crafted from supple leather, instead of patent leather, even the leather looks shinny. Its structured, minimalist design has a compact interior that’s perfect for when you only want to carry the essentials. We love that that it features both top handles and a shoulder strap – use it as a tote or as a cross-body style at weekends. any question, please email to iofferreplica@hotmail.com.  our replica version are exactly same as the authentics, which features two top handles, detachable shoulder strap, designer stamp, gold hardware, feet, internal patch pocket, fully lined in suede, two-way zip fastening along top.

2014 Celine Color-Trimmed Phantom Luggage Bag

We are proud to present the 2014 Celine Color-Trimmed Phantom Luggage Bag. The Dark blue phantom pictured below appear with primary green interior suede as well as green piping. The beige/off-white phantom also appears with colored interior and piping in the a dark blue and also a bright red. and now we are carrying the two colors in stock for replicas. priced at US$348. If you are a passionate Celine Phantom bag lover, then you are love to add this color-trimmed Phantom bag into your order list.

1809-4 1809x 1810-3 1810x


The over-sized opening of the bag brings a large capacity and easy-to-access function. More interestingly, the distinctive leather straps on both of the side can not only be used for decoration simply by hanging down like tassels, but also buckled together to make the bag smaller and chic. So the appealing feature of this collection lies in the creative leather strap and thanks to these straps which make the bag lively.Well, this replica or knockoff Celine phantom bag,  Zip it up and you have a luggage tote. Zip it out and you have a larger bag. Very functional and this is exactly how the name phantom has arrived. You can look at its eyes, but just don’t get yourself hypnotized.


No matter if you call it the Celine Square Luggage Phantom or just the Celine Phantom replica purse, this bag turned out to be one of the most famous bags these days. And today, I’m going to show you the latest Celine Phantom replica handbags. and We will have more colored trim Celine Phantom purse available online for sale, if you have any question about this new 2014 color-trimmed phantom bag, please free to email iofferreplica@hotmail.com .


2014 Celine Mini Luggage Tote Bags

We are happy to present the latest new color 2014 Celine Luggage tote bag in replica edition in stock , comes in three sizes Mini, micro and nano, the Mini one is the most popular among the big bag lovers. and the Nano is designed for cute younger girls. For the passionate Celine hunters who are looking for the styles, new colors and prices of their next replica Celine Luggage tote, I am sure that this post won’t make you disappointed. Here are the new colors from 2014 Spring and Summer collection.

1795-1 1801-7
from the last Spring/Summer 2014 runway show (not to be confused with Spring 2014 which is considered as Resort). The runway collection was a definite new movement for Phoebe Philo as she featured more dramatic color palette and was inspired by Brasaii grafitti. The color themes were primary colors in ‘Green Grass’, ‘Yellow Sunflower’ and ‘Red Vermillion’.

Celine Mini Luggage Leather Tote Bag C30 Cream Khaki Blue1802x $348 C30

1803x $348 C30 Celine Mini Luggage Leather Tote Bag C30 Baby Blue


To kick start your Spring on the right way, consider the Celine Luggage Handbag in multi-colors. Actually you don’t have much chooses, these are from the new collection, no single-colors unfortunately. And thus, pick between the shades of Cream (mixture of brown, beige and black), Pistachio (Yup, I love Pistachio ice cream too) and in baby blue (a powerful blend of black, light blue and emerald green). Okay, an honest question; who doesn’t love the Luggage totes? They are famous for their faces; the handles represent the eyes, the zipper characterizes the mouth, a bag with a face.

If you are a determined fashionista, then by now, probably, you will be shouting: ‘Stop the chit chat and give me the prices!’  It is over-priced at US$4000,  for the replica one, It will cost you only $368 . Any other question, please email to iofferreplica@hotmail.com. and more and more other colors for this Celine luggage tote bag will be updated soon.


Celine Geometrical Pochette Sac Bag from 2014 Summer Collection

Another masterpiece from Celine, which was released in the 2014 Summer collection as well. Well, it’s a sister bag of the Celine Triangle Sac bag I introduced in the previous post. I am not trying to persuade our readers to buy this bag now because we don’t have this bag in replica edition in stock. If customers really love this bag,then please pre-order this bag through our website. Because we bought an authentic bag from offical store one week ago. and we will copy this bag in one month or so.  For this replica Celine Geometrical Pochette Sac Bag, the price will be marked about $468, which is a little expensive for a replica, however, I am sure that the quality of our replica will reach what you are expected. Here is the picture of the wonderful Celine Geometrical Pochette Sac Bag.

1827x 1828x 1829-9 1829x $468


Well, Customers may be confused with this Geometrical and Triangle bag. Even two of them looks similar, there are still many differece on them. Here I would like to list all the differences of the two bags. First of all, two of the bags comes in different color, this Geometrical comes in colorblock version , and the Triangle comes online one color with different color lining. Second, the Geometrical comes with Geometrical handle, and Triangle comes with qualrangle top handle, this qualrangle handle is more comfortable to carry. Third, the Geometrical comes with pocket on front , and the Tri-angle is just flat bag. If you have any further question about the latest Celine Geometrical bag, please email to iofferreplica@hotmail.com

If you want to buy a bag that’s guaranteed to earn you, “Oh my God, I love your bag!” compliments from co-workers, friends, and random people in the coffee shop and on the subway, look no further than this replica Celine Geometrical Handbag which is unique in pretty much every way.