Celine Tri-Fold Shoulder Bag

The new star bag from the French maison’s fall 2016 collection has arrived. Crafted to be the everyday bag, the Tri-Fold echoes the French house’s DNA: Wide gussets, long laces, and supple leather all put together in the pared-back spirit the label is favoured for.

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Evoking the house’s pure and minimal aesthetic, the sleek lines of this latest creation construct the graphic cut of bord à bord wide panels of calfskin left as natural as possible. Lateral leather laces on both sides of the bag can be knotted together, transforming the bag into a squared silhouette. Just like its exterior, the Tri-Fold’s interior is constructed meticulously, with each stitch sewn with the greatest care.

Generous in size, the leather bag is named after its three ample compartments. With two hidden flat pockets in the first and central sections, the season’s key bag is marvellous in carrying all your daily essentials in one Céline-chic go. Available in three colours of black, brown and beige, the replica Celine Tri-Fold Shoulder Bag is tipped to up your bag game at the same time too. Choose your favorite colour, the size is measured 37x24x11.5cm and the price is $418 USD.

Chloe Faye Backpack Bag

Now that backpacks are the hot items for the new modern fashion, every designer wants to get into the game. Though there are plenty of gorgeous backpacks available, not all of them are worth the investment. But don’t worry, the Chloe Faye Backpack will definitely pass the fashion police test.

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Honestly, have you seen the original Faye Bag? Oh my, that’s a real gorgeous bag. You see, the Faye is designed with an oversized hoop in the center front; it’s also beautifully refined with shiny hardware. Then a hoop is linked with a chain to the side. And now take a look at the replica Chloe Faye Backpack, the same-effect right?

A Chloe Faye Backpack cannot be compared to other backpacks. It has its own personality. It’s chic, feminine and functional. By the way, the brand’s signature is gentle embellished on the front flap.

Crafted from calf leather, it features zipped sides with adjustable width. The top is made with a top handle as well as adjustable shoulder strap. The interior also comes with a slot pocket. This Chloe Faye backpack comes in two sizes.

Valentino Rockstud Spike Quilted Bag

Imagine owning a bag that gives you the best of both worlds. First it’s sweet, then it’s tough, this Valentino Rockstud Spike Quilted Bag is the perfect handbag to boot! And we are kidding you not! Take a look at it and you’ll know what exactly what we are talking about. An eye candy isn’t it?

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The Valentino’s Rockstud Spike Quilted Bag in replica version features a feminine silhouette with a spunk rebellious attitude thanks to its numerous rockstuds. This beauty is ideal to pair over your feminine dresses or your normal top and jeans ensemble.

Made of genuine leather, this bag caught our attention since it’s quite unique. It’s quilted then studded, then its studded shoulder strap and chain links gave us the good kind of butterflies in our bellies. Its turn-lock fastening gives you easy access to it. Inside, it features leather lining, internal zipped and slot pockets.

Christian Dior Lily Bag vs Classic Lady Dior

When you take the first glance at the Dior Lily bag, it reminds you of the classic Lady Dior bag. As the newest bag from 2016 Fall Winter Christian Dior handbag collection, Dior lily looks very similar to the Dior Lady, only this one has a bowling shape. Both bags feathres the cannage pattern, although there are other materials also available. they also have top handles and adjustable shoulder strap.  Here are the pictures of the replica Dior Lily .

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The Lily is a bowling shaped handbag named after the lily-of-the-valley flower, one of Christian Dior’s lucky charms. The bag can be carried by hand or on the shoulder. It also comes with iconic dior Charms.  now the replica version Dior Lily bag is available more than 5 colors, It’s pleasure to have your requests by email or messages .

Although the Lady Dior remains a classic piece, the Lily wins this round as it has more style and elegance. The bag’s feminine touch has a lovely look. The rounded shape makes it more interesting which is perfect to use from day to night.

Delvaux Le Mutin Saddle Bag

It’s always a risk for any label to take a classic style and revamp it for a new generation of fashionistas. But on this occasion, it totally pays off.

Inspired by Delvaux’s 1962 Chasseresse bag design, Le Mutin keeps the rounded bottom and boxy exterior of its predecessor but incorporates a cotton textured strap to gives it a youthful sporty chic look. Le Mutin is French for ‘mutiny’ and the unconventional strap is the inspiration for the bag’s name, which seems to rebel against the simple boxy, structured design of the leather bag.

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The texture of the leather maintains the natural grooves and grain of the skin adding to the relaxed sporty look of the bag. The replica Delvaux Le Mutin Saddle Bag is a vailable in two colours , brown and red.