Christian Dior Lady Dior Mini bags

Another masterpiece for the mini bags collection, the Lady Dior mini bags were launched this spring summer, just catch up the fashion trend for mini bags. I am not going to talk a bit more about the Christian Dior lady Dior bag since everyone would familar with this classic, iconic bag.  Today’s post is about the mini size bags, we are talking mini size of the Lady dior. A timeless work of art with a unique identity, the ‘Lady Dior’ bag is imbued with Dior’s Couture spirit.

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This new arrival mini Lady Dior bags in patent and lambskin leather, comes in silver and golden hardwear, many color options.  For more color of the replica Mini Lady Dior bags, please click the photo to visit our online store.

Dior bags are hard to come by, find them at which has a Lady Dior in many color of Patent leather in stock or visit your local Dior store for current inventory. If you want a good replica, you can always contact . he is ready to help.

Dainty, sweet and petite, Dior’s Lady Dior Mini Cannage bag is an homage to ladylike grace. This beautiful bag recalls Dior’s vintage cannage pattern, a luxurious quilted design in a cotton candy shade of pink. The color is balanced nicely by a punch of bright, polished silver hardware. For all its playful girlish qualities, the Mini Cannage is structured and decidedly grown up. It’s got strong, sturdy handles and a few pockets. If you’re seeking something appropriate to show off your feminine side – without looking as if you just raided Kids R Us – this is it. Dior’s replica Lady Dior Mini Cannage bag is $146 on iofferhandbag.

How Can I choose between Miss Dior and Lady Dior Bags

When I going to buy a Christian Dior handbag, I cannot decide which one I should have between Miss Dior and Lady Dior bag. Well, the ‘Miss Dior’ collection is one of the emblematic lines of Haute Couture and has a perfume of the same name. The Miss Dior bag is a sister of the Lady Dior bag, both of the bags are classic, timeless, and elegant design. The fake Miss Dior and Lady Dior bag now available in three sizes, mini, medium and large. and those sizes are all available on iofferhandbag, and comes in many colors as well, apricot, black, red , pink , etc . Also , those fake Miss Dor or Lady dior bags comes in both golden and silver hardware. Just like Chanel bags, every style comes in golden and silver for your choice.

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Miss Dior and Lady Dior are like sisters, but in different form. Their style are pretty much the same, but the functioning are totally different. Take your Lady Dior for a day shopping and switch to Miss Dior for an overwhelming gorgeous look at night. Don’t take the miss Dior as your friend, but as an extended fashion accessory that cannot be separated from your midnight look.

Both Dior bags are available in GHW or SHW, short or long chain. Prices depends on the skin and leather, like lambskin, patent, python and pricey crocodile leather. The Lady and Miss are the classic bags of Dior, you can call it diamonds. They are timeless and more importantly ‘forever’. For the starters, the black color is adorable and matches almost all styles. There’s no way you can go wrong with that.

Now possibly , you can have ideal bag in mind after you read the similarities and the differences between the two bags. Anyway, you can have both of the bags if you don’t mind to buy a fake from iofferhandbag.  I am sure that you can afford the two bags because the fake Dior bag will usually make at a cheap price !


Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Tote Bag

When I first saw this Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Tote Bag from the 2013 Spring Summer collection. Some people told me that there’s been a lof of speculation of that Saint Laurent’s Sac de Jour is a rip-off of the Birkin. Yes, I admit there are a few similarities.  There might be a couple details that you can relate to a Hermes Birkin, but both brands give me different appeal and feeling. but there are too much differences in EMOTION, and even if some details are look-a-like, you can’t judge that the Sac De Jour tote is like Birkin.

From the inaugural Hedi Slimane collection, this edition of the Saint Laurent Sac du Jour carryall bag is a sartorial savior. Classically crafted of premium leather and a structured silhouette, it pairs well with everything and keeps you organized. see the phots below:

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Pared down simplicity blended with modern class and excellent workmanship – there are probably many other ways to describe Saint Laurent’s latest Sac De Jour bag, but we feel that this is the best one. With discreet details like the brass feet and the classy Saint Laurent signature embossed on the front to the more chic specifics like a polished calfskin exterior and a suede-lined interior, the Sac De Jour outclasses the other bags on the market. There is little wonder then, that the Sac De Jour bag has been spotted with celebrity and fashionista, Kate Moss.

Part of the redefinition of the classic vocabulary of the Saint Laurent wardrobe, the Sac De Jour bag is meant to be worn undone with its front tabs opened and strap loosened. It comes in two sizes and can be accessed in two different ways. The bag can be accessed using the small opening option (with tabs closed and strap compressed) or the large opening option (with tabs opened and strap loosened). Available in a large choice of colors, the Sac De Jour bag also comes with a removable leather encased padlock.

This minimalistic Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Tote Bag will is sure to be a timeless addition to your everyday wardrobe. The Sac De Jour bag is available for $368 for replicas.

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