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Gucci Bamboo Shopper Tote Bag Jaguar Printed and Calfskin

Yesterday, I posted the new Gucci lady buckle handbags, and today I would like to present the new knockoff Gucci bamboo shopper tote bag, which fashion women dreamed about after the classic Gucci Indy. the Bamboo Confidential film shot on location in London at The Savoy. The short film depicts founder Guccio Gucci’s beginnings at this historic hotel, where he used to work as a lift boy in the early 1900s. Inspired by the new traveling class, he conceived of an idea to one day launch his own leather goods company. This knockoff Gucci bamboo shopper tote comes in three sizes avaiable.

4254x 323658 黑色 W44x30x11cm 4255x 323658 大红


Well, this knockoff Gucci bamboo shopper tote holds lots without looking overstuffed, looks as good slung cross body in a casual manner. on handheld in a formal setting and is unobtrusive without the canvas strip down the middle.   Gucci really has got me lusting after this design from the Bamboo collection, the bamboo shopper tote bag.

4270x 323660 豹纹 4277x 323664 古铜色

The Bamboo handle is one of the Gucci handbag’s most iconic design. I have to admit I fould it strange initially. But I’ve always liked the Bamboo touch which looks a bit faded and out of date. I like that difference. the shape and design of the Bamboo shopper tote is a little too madamish for me . But when I first saw the latest Gucci bamboo shopper, my heart give a little hop, skip and jump. but I don’t have such a big money to have the authentic bags. So I just want to search online for knockoffs or replicas.

The only reservation I’d have about the bamboo handles would be that they are likely to be stiff and maybe a little hard on the arm if you choose to arm-carry it. It’ll look nice hand-held, but in the crook of your arm? Make sure you don’t over-stuff the bag.

4264x 323660 黑色 4269x 323660 4316

Available in a variety of finishes and sizes, the one in simple grained leather stands out the most for me, topped with a pair of curved bamboo handles and stamped with the words ‘Made In Italy By Gucci‘ in vintage script. Measuring 40 cm across by 29 cm for the large one (a smaller one comes in at 34 cm by 21 cm), it also comes with an adjustable/removable shoulder sling which is always a bonus.

Besides Black, you’ll also find it in Dark Red, Light Blue, as well as printed jaguar (how very Frida) and in an exotic python. Prices aren’t yet available, so do stay tuned for more updates.

There is a magnetic closure, and lots of compartments in there including a zippered compartment where you can keep your wallet safe. Based on information online, it comes in 2 sizes as you see above. One slightly taller, one shorter. I think it looks better in the taller version. More proportionate.

The leather is looks to be a soft calf leather which is lovely. I find Gucci quite underrated as a brand. Yes, their canvas logo bags have been done to death and they do project an older vibe. But if you go for their leather bags, they are well made, different and classic. Which is more than can be said for some other designer brands. Check the knockoff Gucci bamboo shopper tote on iofferhandbags.com ,  comes more than 7 colors, three sizes .


Gucci Lady Buckle Leather Top Handle Bag Totes and clutches

When you take the first glance at the new replica Gucci bag, you might be impressed by the big buckle of the bag.  Yes, there are a lot of things to admire about Gucci, like bamboo, Guccissima Leather, Horse bits, stirrups , the Gucci has made a legacy of adorning its bags with interesting signature metal work. But today, this thing which strikes me most is the New Gucci Lady buckle bag commintment to interesting big Buckle hardware. and now the Gucci lady buckle bags comes in two style for fake versions, the lady buckle clutch and the top handle tote. For Gucci 2013 fall winter collection, the new piece seems to be a big, bold, rectangular bucklt that’s being referred to as the Gucci Lady Buckle and is paired with striking leopard print and finest smooth leather. Here i attached the photo of the replica Gucci lady buckle clutch and top handle tote.

4233x $218 4234x 4235x 4237x 4238x $148 4240x 4243x 4244x


Nowdays, if you are looking for an upscale ladylike bags, Gucci might no longer at top list of what comes to mind. But it seems like that there is still hope in the land of overwhelming lady buckle tote bag and it comes in the form of smooth leather or leopard print leather bag. Gucci rarely lines its bags with leather but for this particular one, it comes with soft rose beige leather lining that provides contrast to the striking exterior. At the risk of repeating myself like a bad radio, I will like to point our the wings on this bag as well. There seems to be no escaping from wings nowadays.

This replica calf leather calf leather ‘Lady’ tote bag from Gucci featuring two top handles, a fold-over front strap with a gold-tone metal buckle, seam detailing, a pale pink lining and a zipped interior pocket. Measurements : HANDLE : 12 Centimetres. and the fake Gucci lady buckle clutch features soft leather or animal print leopard leather, antique gold hardware, leather lining, square buckle, detail with gucci logo engraving, magnet closure, interior zip pocket, measures about 14″W x 7″H x 2.4″D.

Christian Dior Diorling Flap Shoulder bag

The newsest bag Diorlinig was first launched for Dior Spring Summer 2013 handbag collection and released in Pre-fall and Fall 2013 collections. The reason of why posting so late for chic and stylish Christian Dior Diorling flap shoulder bag is the best replica or knockoffs are just made out online for sale.  Yes, the bag is definitely every IT girl’s must have to glide through every social season with elegance and luxe. and the replica or knockoff might be your first choice since they are usually in affordable price and good quality leather as well.

100 101

This replica or knockoff Diorling bag comes in numorous colors and colorblocks, and two sizes the small size is about 10″ x 7″ x 3″ and large size is about 12″ x 8.5″ x 4″. This flap bag has a magnetic clasp and a feminine chain. It includes three compartments and two pockets, 1 zipped and 1 flat. The dainty design of the bag opens up to three leather-lined compartments, making the bag not only functional but a God’s gift for those ladies obsessed with compartmentalizing things in their bags. The Diorling, like the first batch of the Bar Bag, is made of smooth leather, which is very classic and elegant but might not really be ideal for frequent use.

And you can now get this replica or knockoff Christian Dior Diorling Flap Shoulder bag from iofferhandbag.com for about US$248,  more than 7 colors and colorblocks available. Finally, I would like to mention that the Diorling bag chain is like the Louis Vuitton Louise Bag’s chain.


The Timeless Prada Saffiano Parabole Tote Bags

Prada is abviously a favorite label for a lot of fashion lovers because Prada doesn’t have to be complicated, did you realize that almost all of the Prada handbags looks simple and elegant. and the Saffiano Parabole Tote is in the list as well, from the Saffiano lux, Saffiano Promenade Crossbody bag, Saffiano Cuir Triple-Zip Dome Tote Bag, to this Parabole. all of the bags designed simple and classic, you will never be regret to add one of the bags listed above in your wardrobe. Yes, this is now a new bag, I noted that catherine posted about the bag back Nov 2012. and today I post this timeless tote again because it comes in new colors in stock for replicas as below:

105 106


Louis Vuitton has always been my favorite handbag designer but Prada comes in at a close second. There are other designer brands that I look at from time to time, but Louis Vuitton and Prada will always be my top 2. At the moment, I’m dying for the replica Prada “Parabole” and I’m determined to get it after I get my priority purchases done, take a close look at the replica version on iofferhandbag, I cannot find the differences from the authentics on Neiman Marcus.  As I was browsing around iofferhandbag, I came across the Prada Daino Flap-Lock Messenger Bag and the Cavallino tote. It caught my eye instantly because the whole side tote thing is a huge trend right now all thanks to Celine. I think every brand has released side tote bags but only a few can really master it like Prada did with the “Cavallino”.

I’m normally not into animal print bags but I have to admit I really love this one because of it’s striking appearance. The colors make it a great bag to carry around for the upcoming Fall season especially when you’re wearing black or brown boots. What I love the most about this bag is the three compartment interior. Tote bags tend to be completely open inside without any chance of concealing your belongings but this one is different. The inside of this replica bag has two compartments that can be zipped and the compartment that’s completely open at least has a snap closure which is a big “pro” for any tote bag out there.

107 108


Whether you’re wearing a black or brown out during the Fall season, this would make the perfect accessory to finish you’re outfit. The replica Saffiano Parabole tote is highly eye catching and all the compartments inside the bag make it a convenient bag to carry around. It’s a stunning bag with a high fashion look to it. If you don’t have any animal prints in your handbag collection, you may want to give this one a closer look. You may just fall in love with it! I sure did.

The Latest Prada Glace Calf Twin Pocket Tote Bag

I always got confused with the handbag name from Prada, It sames that Prada don’t have a unique name for its perfect tote bags. Anyway, this Prada Glace Calf Twin Pocket Tote Bag I am going to talking about is the latest , newest one from Prada handbag collection. and It is now available at $338 in the finest, softest calf leather. We can see the shadows of Celine Phantom bag , right ? I have to attach some photo of this replica Prada bags, otherwise, I am not sure our readers will know which bag I am talking about exactly.


Well, this replica Prada Glace Calf Twin Pocket Tote Bag comes in two size available, the large size is 10″ H x 12.2″ L x 8″ W, and the small size is about 9″ H x 10″ L x 7″ W.  and more than 7 colors.  This latest bag from Prada is part of their Pre-Fall 2013 Collection. The bag includes a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. It has two external zip pockets, one slip and one zip pocket inside. It has a metal feet to protect the base of the bag. Available in suede and glace calfskin for replicas as well.

1277x1276x $338

You can’t get anymore classic than this Double-Zip tote from Prada. With soft calfskin leather and an ultra timeless shape, this bag will be your new go-to.  does it kind of like the Celine phantom bag ? Now get this replica Prada Glace Calf Twin Pocket Tote Bag on iofferhandbag. I am sure you will be happy with the soft leather , the real bag is more beautiful than the photo !