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Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas Clapton Backpack Bag

Introducing one more Louis Vuitton bag fro Damier Ebene Canvas collection, called as Clapton Backpack. This Backpack is lovely at first sight, it can be carried in mulitply ways, Backpack, top handle, over-the-shoulder, and crossbody. The straps have many holes that support the different configurations, The Damier Ebene Canvas is pliable and conforms to the bag body well. Now this Louis Vuitton Clapton Backpack is available in replica version 2 colors.

It’s a nice combination that everyone loves. So the Clapton Backpack is also crafted with the same mix – the top is built from small-grained cowhide leather and the bottom is made from Damier Ebene Canvas. This is a beautiful backpack with a refreshing look. As a go-to bag for every day, the Clapton Backpack checks all the boxes. Damier canvas looks fresh, paired with supple small-grained leather. The shiny golden tuck lock adds a heritage touch. Casual yet trendy, it can be carried several ways thanks to a top handle and adjustable straps.  now we only have this Louis Vuitton Clapton Backpack in one size only. and the medium size one will be available soon. Personally, I love this small size 21 x 21 x 11 cm.  It is perfect for school, for work or normal days.