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The perfect Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bags just arrive in blue

To celebrate the recent launch of Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag, we are happy to introduce the exact replica one just poping-up on iofferhandbag.net. Timelessly structured with preppy heritage influences, the Ricky 33 satchel exemplifies Ralph Lauren’s effortlessly refined sensibility. Here are the pictures of the replica Ralph Lauren soft ricky bag in electric colette blue which is just online for sale on iofferhandbag. I have to say this is the best copy I have seen from the replica ones.

0015-16 0015-17

Let’s start with the outside look of the latest Ricky bag – Ralph Lauren’s fashionable homage to his wift Rickly. The replica one made from soft nappa leather is exact mirror to authentic when you have it at a first glance, and the colette blue color is very colse and almost exact same as authentics as well.

0015-14 0015-15

Let’s take a look at the side of the bag, It looks exact in shape, beautiful ! it takes at least 4 hours to make one bag. Two top leather handles. Removable leather cross-body strap with silver-toned roller buckles.

0015-12 0015-13

0015-1 0015-2

Inside and details, this colette blue one comes with green calf leather inside lining, with a snapped pocket at the back wall, The hardware is silvertone, every stitchings and details cost much more attention. Front flap closure. Two leather straps loop through the front and secure with silver-toned roller buckles. Folded top with slide-lock clasp and belted closures. Hanging covered keys.

0015-3 0015-4  0015-6 0015-7

Front flap secures with silver-toned Ricky lock. Two attached keys in a removable leather key bell. and the Ralph Lauren stamped on the leather is correct, and there is a litte RL on the flap round-shape hole. Reinforced base and sides.

0015-8 0015-9

All in All , this exact replica Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag is 99% mirror to the authentic ones. Each replica bag can take up to 4 hours to create as each exact piece is measured, cut and attached by hand before being stamped with the signature Ralph Lauren logo as a symbol of authenticity. The bag is shaped on moulds made of carved wood to achieve its distinctive silhouette. Relaxed yet sophisticated, the new replica Soft Ricky Bag is the epitome of refined elegance and chic.

The iconic Chloe Paraty Bag was refreshed with new colors

We are proud to present this timeless, iconic Chloe paraty shoulder bag replica in new colors again. It is unneccessory to introduce more about this chic bag since everyone know this bag when it was first released by Chloe in 2008 handbag collection. Chloe brings the IT bag in new color or new leather version every season. But today, I would like to compare the perfect replica with bad replica of this Paraty bag.

1, The shape, the perfect replica usually comes good looking, it is in its shape, don’t like the bad replica, Usually lose its shape when you have the first glance. From the following pictures, at the left is the second quality copy, and at the right, it is the perfect 1 to 1 copy.

001副本 0510x 36cm副本


002 0510-6


2,  The Leather, From the photo you can see above, the two replica Chloe Paraty bag is totally different, the perfect copy at right looks much more beautiful than the left one because good quality replica bags are usually made from original leather, ( this Chloe Paraty comes in grianed calfskin and smooth calfskin for authentics ) . Original leather means that the leather was imported from Italy, first class calfskin, which is very close or same as the authentic bag leather.  and cheap replica usually made by the leather which is cheap.

003 0510-3

3, The Hardware, As you can see the photo above , the bad replica Chloe Paraty bag comes just a shinny bronze hardware, which looks shinny. However, the perfect replica one  features with aged brass hardware. and the authentic one comes in aged brass hardware as well.



4, Stitchings, As  you can see from the photo, the bad replica paraty stitches unclear, it seems that bag was rush made. not sophisticated on details. and the good replica one features visiable stitchings, everything clear and in good order; neat and tidy.




5, Let’s take a look at the inside fabric lining below. Well, It is hard to describe the inside of this bag. You can see by yourself, there is a little different for the logo leather, the Bad one comes Chloe and made in Italy , and the good one comes in only Chloe. Well, I am not sure which one is correct to authentic. Well, if you know this detail correct, please let me know !

006 0510-1

Check-out the many new arrivals at iofferhandbag.net including the new Chloe Paraty bags in many other new colors. A variety of bright colors are currently available ranging from white, pink, blue, green , purple and red etc. The Chloe Paraty bag is one of the main classic styles of the brand, made of soft calfskin leather, short top handles and a cross-body strap.


The Chic Ralph Lauren’s Soft Ricky Bag avaiable for replica version.

We are pround to present this replica Ralph Lauren’s Soft Ricky Bag, is it availabe more than 9 colors, an updated verion of the Chic IT Ricky bag. and the New Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag is more relaxed and sophisticated, and is the epitome of refined elegance and chic.  So, we couldn’t help but get excited about the new Soft Ricky Bag, the younger sister of the original Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag.

Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag-1 Ralph Laurens Soft Ricky Bag -2

Don’t worry; she still retains the same signature hardware, belt duo and elegant 19th century saddle carrier shape. She just underwent a youthful makeover, resulting in a more relaxed look, softer leather and a range of hand-dyed vibrant colors such as lime, purple, yellow and electric blue. With a timeless yet contemporary appeal, the versatile Soft Ricky can be worn from day to night, undeniably exuding a look that is both ladylike and cool.

0003x Ralph Lauren.拉夫.劳伦R8#艳桃红 0005x

This replica Ralph Lauren soft Ricky bag is a pretty bag as well , sold at $359 on iofferhandbag.net, which will help brighten things up in a hurry,  50 percent of the purchase goes to the replica soft ricky bag beacuse of the cheap, cut-down price.  it is crafted from ultra-soft leather and topped off with signature custom-made hardware in addition to two top handles with a removable cross-body strap and an attached key and leather pouchette. The shape of the bag is utterly modern and its spacious interiors make it perfect to carry from day to night. Available in a range of colors such as Clementine, black, bright pink, cyan, lime, yellow and brown; there is a hue to match every personality.

Have you bought a top quality Saint Laurent Sac De Jour tote?

Have you bought a top 1 to 1 mirorr quality Saint Laurent Sac De Jour tote from a tons of replica online store? if no, you are probably interested in this thread about the classic and timeless Sac De Jour tote and then, decide which one you want to order.  if yes, then I wish that you got the one meets your quality standard.

The Sac De Jour tote comes in two sizes now , Small in size 32cm or 12.5 inches and large in 40cm or 15.5 inches. However, I noted that many replica store carry this tote bag in a size 36cm for a medium size. First I don’t know if the authentic Saint Laurent Sac De Jour carrys this size or not!  Then, I do a lot of search from google, and no found such a size 36cm,  Maybe Saint Laurent will release a medium size Sac De Jour iin future, However, currently, if you buy this carryall tote in a size 36cm , then it is wrong , and everybody will know what you are carrying is a fake Sac De Jour tote.

Good quality replica Sac De Jour tote was made from original smooth calfskin, It looks in shape when you take the first glance, soft calfskin is durable.  and the stitchings by handmade. and the golden signature Saint Laurent Logo stamped correctly. the handle is not extra long ( some of the replica seller carrys longer top handle, because they did buy an authentic one to copy, so it is hard to know the exact size) . Here is the bag in small sizes:

1050x $368 1055x

and the following two bags comes in large size 40cm.

1061x 3008-黑色原版皮 1130x $378 large 40cm


After introducing the replica Saint Laurent Sac De Jour carryall tote, there is another reason I create this post is that the Sac De Jour bags comes in a new version with full studs on ioffereshop.com. I think that Saint Laurent designer was borrow the element from Alexander Mcqueen handbags, let’s look at the two styles.

0281-1 1079x $388


Full studded Sac De Jour tote and Alexander McQueen Heroine satchel looks fabulous, and exotic. There are also many other styles with full studs, like the Alexander McQueen Heroine shoulder bag, and Sac De Jour clutch. Now those bags are all available on iofferhandbag now.

2014 New Givenchy Antigona Bag in goatskin VS the Classic soomth Antigona

Why I post this thread about the replica Givenchy Antigona Bag? the reason is more than three customers asked me about the logo of our replica Givenchy Antigona Bag. One of our customer emailed us said ” most of the time Givenchy logo is crook and flat, not puffy, can you make sure the logo is right if I purchased from you ” ! The answer is yes, our Givenchy    logo is exact mirror to authentic ones! Here I would like to show some of the pics of the logo with authentics .

0319-4 0319-5 0319-10 0319x $338  Medium 0314-4 0314-5 0314x goatskin $298


Yes, there is also another reason I post this article today,  it is the 2014 new Givenchy Antigona bag in goatskin in stock now , usually, the Antigona was made in smooth calfskin! The collection also highlights the Roses Camouflage print, the brand’s newest print design that is available in their signature bags. The theme for the season are monochrome colors like Black, Grey, Beige and Blue are used in the bags in a variety of materials like, Nappa Leather, Python, Ayers and Crocodile.

The replica Givenchy Antigona bag is everywhere. And everything. I have this theory that the Givenchy house makes some of the best handbags in the industry. Another IT bag, The Givenchy Antigona is not just a bag, this beauty is being loved by many people. It’s classy, chic and the bag comes in different print and styles. Some of the antigona pieces comes in limited edition. This is simple a timeless bag, you can never go wrong with an Antigona.  Put a sharp spin on city wardrobes with Givenchy’s leather Antigona tote. The structured shape and statement hardware perfectly showcases the brand’s dark and decadent approach to glamour. Here are the Sizes: small – 11″ x 9″ x 6″ (H x W x D), medium – 13″ x 13″ x 8″ (H x W x D),  large – 15″ x 12″ x 8″ (H x W x D),