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2018 Celine Tab Bag

You knew the Celine Tab shoulder bag, right ? But today, I am not introducing the Tab shoulder bag from Pre-fall 2015 collection. I am bringing  you the newest Celine Tab bag from 2018 Spring collection. Two total different bags share one name, since the Celine bags usually named similar. Well, This New handbag is quite useful and practical. For Celine replica bags, you never need to worry about the quality, because it is superb. now let’s talk about the new Tab bag replica in depth.  First I show you some pics of how perfect the replica version does.

Available in two colors, dark brown, and dark green, The design is like always, clean, stream-lined and easy-to match with almost casual clothing. This bag fits in nearly any occasions: take it to work, shopping or the evening diners. The Tab is a shoulder handbag as well. Even tough it comes with a leather handle of 9’ inch drop. It comes with a flap featuring a tab-like design on the front (perhaps this is the reason for its name). The bottom of the flap is printed with the house’s logo in small lettering.

The design of the Tab Bag focuses on practicability. And therefore the interior is made with three inner compartments and one inner flat pocket. The replica verson sells at USD348.


2017 Celine Flap Clasp Bag in Smooth Calfskin

As we know, Celine has just released the 2017 collection packed with so many beautiful handbags that make us dazzling. I love Celine because they are true to thier nature, they will not copy any design or follow short-term hypes(fads), they stick to what they are good at – crafted minimalistic and timeless handbags. Today, I am introducing the New Celine Flap Clasp bag from 2017 Fall collection. Even we post the replica version, I am sure that we offer the best of the best quality replica bags. This Celine Flap Clasp bag comes in 4 colors available soon.

The replica Celine Flap Clasp Bag in Smooth Calfskin features shoulder carry, leather handle with 24 cm (9 in) drop,flap closure, outer zipped pocket on the back hidden by the flap
Two inner flat pockets , measures 23 at bottom x 20 x 12.5 cm. If you are going to put the must-have clasp bag on your wish list, please contact us for the best replicas.

2017 Celine Soft Cube Bag

Is this 2017 Celine Soft Cube bag perfect for this Summer  ? Well, I don’t think so, it is a new bag from this season that could become our next favorite everyday. Celine’s handbag lineup is fillled with many increditble options, ready to satisfy all needs and taste, with a functional design and the brand’s signature luxe minimalism. This new Celine Soft Cube bag is a chic 9 by 9 inch square handbag, that’s 5 inch deep, rendered in pliable calfskin on both the outside and inside, will be available in replice edition very soon for more than 3 colors.

There is so much going on the exterior that we’d love to talk about it in details. Now do you remember the Celine Tie Bag? The Tie Bag was crafted with a knot design on the end of the handles. This knot design became a signature of the house and it has also embellished on this new Celine Soft Cube Bag. And there’s more, the knot is connected to the leather strap for shoulder or cross body carry. And of course, you can see the top leather handles for hand carry.
The bag is called Cube Bag because of its boxy shape. But it’s not as stiff as a cube; the bag looks loose and flexible. The leather is also buttery smooth due to its smooth calfskin leather.

2017 Spring Celine Frame Shoulder Bag

If you think Celine bets heavily on a New Frame Bag on its Spring 2017 Runway, You think this Celine Frame Shoulder bag is another bet. To be exact, the Frame shoulder bag was released in it’s 2016 December selection. Here are the pics for our replica edition, We think you will absolutely love it. Good price and excellent quality for this simple but classic Celine Frame bag. Comes more than 5 colors available .

Like always, Celine knows how to play with minimalism – they know how to blend two nice colors together flawlessly and make it looks nice and classy. They leave the oversized logo and attention-seeking elements on the sideline while encouraging the brand’s signature in very tiny lettering on the front flap. This New 2017 Celine Medium Frame Shoulder bag features one zipped and flat pocket inside, two compartments. Made from Calfskin and lambskin lining. The bag measures about 26x15x10cm.

Celine Small Trotteur Shoulder Bag Bi-color

Well. I honestly don’t know what else I can say about the Trotteur Bag from French luxury house Celine. I have posted several threads about the Trotteur style in this blog since 2014.  and now I am bringing you the newest Bi-color Celine Small Trotteur bag in glazed calfskin from 2016 Fall/Winter collection. Comes in three colors available for replica version.  A variety of tote and shoulder bags are introduced in the 2016 Fall/Winter collection. This Small Trotteur is just one of them.  Like the Celine Shopper Shoulder Bag with Pocket is from this collection as well. For more other styles, we will update as fast as we can.

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This New Trotteur bag is the beautifully-glazed in calfskin, and in bi-color most Asians or Europeans can love,. The Trotteur cross-body style debuted in 2014 but it’s updated in a slew of new colors like jade, white, ruby red, moss green, and now bi-colors. They’re just small enough to be the ideal size to sling across your body once it’s free from its gigantic winter coat. Still not enough to get you through today? Stare really hard at the cute little animated movie while envisioning that the heater blasting against your body is actually a warm summer breeze. Get the replica version now! Happy Everyday !