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2017 Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Souple Tote 32cm

Everyone knows that the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour tote is a classic, timeless design. Today I am bring you the newest version of the iconic bag called as Sac De Jour Souple Tote. As part of their Spring Summer 2017 collection, the Sac De Jour represents a modern interpretation of a French day bag. The original version of the bag is firm and upright due to the structured leather and It is very sophisticated and posh look to it.  The new version souple version gives off a more casual and laid-back vibe, without taking away from the details that made the original bag a hit.

Now we are carrying the 2017 Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Souple Tote in replica version in small size 32cm only, available in 4 colors listed above. the Sac de Jour Souple tote is a design akin to the original but reworked with a suppler construction. Maintaining the sleek silhouette and clean lines of the initial design, this small-sized Sac de Jour Souple tote is enhanced by a hanging logo plaque and padlock fob, two rounded top handles, a handy detachable shoulder strap and an open top construction with a single internal zipped compartment.

2016 Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Carryall Tote Bag

Introducing the latest Saint Laurent Sac De Jour carryall tote bag, it comes small difference from the old style. This new style features a snap closure insinde zipper pocket and detachable, and the inside pockage can be used as a clutch bag, more functional than the order one, and the old one is non-detachable.  Now this New Saint Laurent Sac De Jour tote comes in rose red and blue inside, let’s review the pictures. If you have any more questions about the iconic bag , please just email us.

1604-1 1604-3 1604-4 1604-5 1604-6 1604-7 1604-8 1604x Sac De Jour New 32cm $438 1605-4


Well, in the latest Saint Laurent handbag collection,  the new prices of 2016 Sac De Jour Tote bag were roll out.  The new season items are at new price. and For our replica edition, the price rise up as well.  From the inaugural Hedi Slimane collection, this small edition of the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour carryall bag is a sartorial savior. Classically crafted of premium leather and a structured silhouette, it pairs well with everything and keeps you organized.

Saint Laurent Saint Germain Cabas Tote Bag

The Saint Germain bag is the newest bag from Saint Laurent released in their Fall 2015 handbag collection. well this bag is also called as Rive Gauche Cabas bag on the official website.  No matter what it is called ,  it’s a same tote bag and similar to the brand’s classic Sac De Jour tote. Now we are carrying this newest style  more than 5 colors available in replica edition. This Saint Laurent Rive Gauche tote makes a serious fashion statement. It’s a sublimely chich, timeless classic. Crafted in italy from the finest textured leather, this piece owns its mantle as the acme of functional sophistication. It’s a perfect day bag and will adapt to evening seamlessly. Here are the replica version of the Saint Laurent Saint Germain Cabas tote.

1560x  35x15x23cm $339 1561x 1562x 1563x 1565x 1566x

If you want to see more detailed pictures of this knockoff, please email us.  Like the Sac De Jour tote, the Saint Germain Cabas also features tubular handles and a removable/adjustable leather shoulder strap. The bag has a minimal design with a zip top and metal buckle closure. The interior is made of suede and includes a zip and two slot pockets, the exterior also includes a back pocket. The bag’s hanging key pouch ring features the metal YSL signature.

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour mini tote crossbody bag

In order to get more market share, Saint Laurent launched the new Mini version Sac De Jour tote bag in the 2014 Spring collection.  Months ago, I received an enquiry from a Singapore customer about this mini version Sad de Jour. and now this mini version finally comes in many colors available for replica edition.  It seems that Asain girls love the mini version bags more than the regular size 32cm. Here are some of the latest offering by Saint Laurent for the Sac De Jour replica collection. Some of these offerings have not really appeared on the official website but exist at stores as photographed by various people on Instagram.

1319x  $298 1348-8 1347-9 1346x  mini 22x18x11cm


From the inaugural Hedi Slimane collection, this mini edition of the replica Saint Laurent Sac du Jour carryall bag is a sartorial savior. Classically crafted of premium leather and a structured silhouette, it pairs well with everything and keeps you organized. Hedi Slimane, the famously conceptual designer, has brought a modern take to Saint Laurent’s classic roots, with collections that pay homage to the French label’s founding principles of youth, freedom and rock‘n’roll chic.

This original calf leather ‘Sac De Jour’ mini tote from Saint Laurent featuring round top handles, a logo to the outside, a shoulder strap, gold-tone hardware, an internal patch pocket, a zip fastening divider compartment and a hanging padlock lock with leather case. If you have any other question about this replica mini Saint Laurent Sac De Jour or crossbody bag, please email to iofferreplica@hotmail.com !

Have you bought a top quality Saint Laurent Sac De Jour tote?

Have you bought a top 1 to 1 mirorr quality Saint Laurent Sac De Jour tote from a tons of replica online store? if no, you are probably interested in this thread about the classic and timeless Sac De Jour tote and then, decide which one you want to order.  if yes, then I wish that you got the one meets your quality standard.

The Sac De Jour tote comes in two sizes now , Small in size 32cm or 12.5 inches and large in 40cm or 15.5 inches. However, I noted that many replica store carry this tote bag in a size 36cm for a medium size. First I don’t know if the authentic Saint Laurent Sac De Jour carrys this size or not!  Then, I do a lot of search from google, and no found such a size 36cm,  Maybe Saint Laurent will release a medium size Sac De Jour iin future, However, currently, if you buy this carryall tote in a size 36cm , then it is wrong , and everybody will know what you are carrying is a fake Sac De Jour tote.

Good quality replica Sac De Jour tote was made from original smooth calfskin, It looks in shape when you take the first glance, soft calfskin is durable.  and the stitchings by handmade. and the golden signature Saint Laurent Logo stamped correctly. the handle is not extra long ( some of the replica seller carrys longer top handle, because they did buy an authentic one to copy, so it is hard to know the exact size) . Here is the bag in small sizes:

1050x $368 1055x

and the following two bags comes in large size 40cm.

1061x 3008-黑色原版皮 1130x $378 large 40cm


After introducing the replica Saint Laurent Sac De Jour carryall tote, there is another reason I create this post is that the Sac De Jour bags comes in a new version with full studs on ioffereshop.com. I think that Saint Laurent designer was borrow the element from Alexander Mcqueen handbags, let’s look at the two styles.

0281-1 1079x $388


Full studded Sac De Jour tote and Alexander McQueen Heroine satchel looks fabulous, and exotic. There are also many other styles with full studs, like the Alexander McQueen Heroine shoulder bag, and Sac De Jour clutch. Now those bags are all available on iofferhandbag now.